Returning to Work 

21 April 2021

By Sam Palmer

Returning to Work 

It has been almost a year since I have sat with my team in person. Running a new business with a remote team is not something I have particularly enjoyed but something all business owners have had to embrace. Today is our first day back in the office, and it feels great!!

After a year out of the office, I can safely say that I have missed the daily work routine. I have realized that my life depends on structure, and I'm now ok with that.

Things like traffic no longer seem to bother me as much; I now look at that as time to myself to listen to a podcast or even sing along to the radio.

Over the past year, I have found myself in moments of 'what's the point' while planning for my business's future. Today I am filled with more optimism just from having human contact again. In short, I am delighted that the world is getting back to what we all moaned about previously and delighted to be back at work.

Who knew all I needed was a year away to understand how much i enjoy work truly.

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