I interviewed with Staffing Properties and met with Jeff and Carrie. What a different kind of interview process. They actually wanted to know about ME and my experiences in past jobs. I have been a high profile personal assistant for several years and I am registered with almost ALL of the staffing agencies I can think of. Jeff and Carrie made this experience so warm and welcoming. I could completely relate with Carrie as we have both been in this business for a LONG time. We know the same people and could relate to the
same things in these type's of positions. It was SO nice to have someone in the interview that could actually relate! I think this makes a HUGE difference and will really benefit this company. I can't wait to work with Staffing Properties. I would highly recommend them to anyone! 

Tiffany - Personal Assistant
This agency has undeniable knowledge of the market

​Thank you Staffing Properties for helping us find our amazing House Manager. This agency has undeniable knowledge of the market and provided fantastic customer service. They took the time to really understand what we needed, starting with an in person meeting and regular phone and email updates after. It was our first time recruiting this position and Sam talked us through candidate backgrounds and expressed opinion on who he thought would best fit our family dynamic. I would recommend them to anyone looking to hire domestic staff.

Heather & Josh Altman - Home Owner


Staffing Properties are professional, caring and have access to the best clients and staff. They were really great at finding the best match for me. There are a lot of staffing agencies in LA but Staffing Properties are the best! They got me placed with a wonderful family. I highly recommend them. 

Lily - Executive Assistant

​I would highly recommend Staffing Properties to anyone who is looking to gain employment in the private sector. They were instrumental in guiding and preparing me before meeting with clients,and they kept me informed every step of the way. Because of their efforts and connections, i am now happily employed as an Estate Manager.

Gina - House Manager
Undeniable understanding of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

​I have been an Estate Manger with over 10 years of experience, while looking for a new opportunity I applied to a job posting on a Saturday, by Monday morning I was contacted by Sam Palmer of Staffing Properties. We had a lengthy conversation and arranged to meet the following day. I had been registered with almost every domestic staffing agency in the area and was blown away by Sam’s work ethic. What is unique about Sam in this industry is that he spent the time with the client to really get a true understanding of the client’s needs and wants while developing a great relationship with the clients. Sam was able to paint a complete picture of what the client’s needed and desired, which is very helpful to the candidate. He spent the time with me to prepare for the interview but also offered feedback daily thru the process, too many times I had been left in the dark after interviewing with other agencies.  Sam has an undeniable understanding of what Ultra High Net Worth individuals and families expect when bringing someone into their homes. He has a plethora of knowledge and resources that he was eager to share.  I am so thankful to have accepted an offer and start my new journey. I would recommend any clients looking for staff as well as candidates looking for placement to become registered with Staffing Properties.

Kaytee - House Manager