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    Who We Are

    Welcome to Staffing Properties. We are proud to be at the forefront of Estate Management in both California, and around the world. We represent a select group of individuals whose busy lives necessitate a concierge-driven approach to the seamless management of their homes and their family’s day-to-day lives.

    Our approach to Estate Management is different – and that’s because our clients’ desire for fairly priced, reliable and secure staff for their home is a desire that our founders understand at a fundamental level. As a resident of one of the largest homes in America, our founder knows first-hand the nuances and necessities when it comes to hiring every member of your home’s staff – from butlers, housekeepers, and nannies, to security, drivers and assistants.

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    I would highly recommended Staffing Properties to anyone who is looking to gain employment in the private sector. They were very instrumental in guiding and preparing me before meeting with clients, and they kept me informed every step along the way. Because of their efforts and connections, I am now happily employed as an Estate […]

    - Gina Zamora

    Staffing Properties are professional, caring and have access to the best clients and staff. They were really great at finding the best match for me. There are a lot of staffing agencies in LA but Staffing Properties are the best! They got me placed with a wonderful family. I highly recommend them.

    - Lily

    This agency has undeniable knowledge of the Market Thank you Staffing Properties for helping us find our amazing house manager. This agency has undeniable knowledge of the market and provided fantastic service.

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    Our Process

    The recruitment process is simple and effective. Our consultants will meet with you and any members of your existing team to discuss your needs. From security, to discretion, to the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of the men and women who will be managing your home, our team will develop a lean, efficient roster of the various talent required to keep your residence running smoothly and effectively. After developing a cost-effective pricing strategy, our on boarding team will begin our talent search, prepare a short-list for presentation, and initiate our background check process to select not only the safest and most reliable staff, but also the most experienced and competent in the marketplace.

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    Consistent Excellence

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    Similar to the notion that private jet travel pays for itself in the time and energy saved from other travel options, building a cohesive Estate Management team from the ground up results in an efficient operation of your home that extends far beyond simply having your needs attended to, or arriving to a clean home. The value we offer is in not having to think or worry about the people running the intricacies of your busy lifestyle, and the base station to your world – your home.

    Whether you require a team of several dozen, or a simple group to help simplify your life, no project is too big or too small for our team. If you’re looking for an agency to curate a group of truly talented individuals vetted for both safety and excellence in experience, Staffing Properties is excited to help you navigate the world we understand at the fundamental level.

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    Want To Know

    Contact us to arrange a confidential consultation with one of our specialists:

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